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Depending on the complexity of the estate, the health of the person, and also various other aspects, virtually every person may need the services of an estate planning lawyer at some point. Sometimes individuals will collaborate with a lawyer in support of a loved one or loved one that is no more able to manage their own affairs. After having kids, some family members decide to produce trusts, which is a document similar to a will, but also helps manage property before death

Legal document specifying how an individual's property and affairs are to be transferred and managed after death.

Although it can be difficult to discuss, death is a reality that everyone must face. Why not deal with this inevitable outcome with a thoughtful strategy detailing what will happen with your estate? Get peace of mind by talking to an experienced estate planning attorney, who can tailor a plan to your particular needs.

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Drafting of Wills

Get proper legal guidance when planning your estate. Learn about wills, trusts, and other formalities by consulting our expert attorney today.

Professional Trustee

A working group for professional trustees has published a consultation that sets out new standards on what is expected of a professional trustee.

Trust Administration

Trusts have been around for centuries and are a well established mechanism for protecting wealth and aiding the intergenerational transfer of assets.

Family Trust Setting up

A family trust may be useful to: Protect selected assets against claims and creditors – for example, to protect a family home from the potential failure of a business venture.


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